Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Poke Me!

Cat Stories

My cat isn't the brightest thing in the world.

But some how he'd digested one of my wife's long hairs.

He'd gone downstars to do his bidness in the kitty box and it must have been a rather dry affair.

Later we heard him running round the house, as if his tail wsa on fire.

Lo and behold we catch site of the meteoric ball of fur and he's being chased by something. The cat is unnerved as if he's about to be 'gotten'. He's spooked.

No, not quite. He gets closer to us and comes into the light at full speed and we see that he's got something tied round his tail.

Well, not exactly.

As he rounds the corner and heads away from us, we can discern a small, dried ball of poop, attached by a long single strand of hair to his innards.

I finally chase him down and and pick him up with my foot firmly on the strand of hair. Grab a tissue and toss the dried scat away.

Could have been worse, but we laughed about it for quite a while.

What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

Barnyard, the movie opens soon.

Have you noticed that the 'cows' are 'boys'? Main character Otis is a cow.

Check out the trailers.

The speak in deep voices and run around half-naked in this children's movie. Not a problem per se, but for Pete's sake! They've got udders!

Boy 'cows' with udders!

What were they thinking?

(And kind of funny coming after the post about my daughter trying to kiss her elbow.)

You Wanna Be a Boy?

We asked this of our daughter one day, querying her request for a gender change.

Told her if she really wanted to be a boy she had to perform the secret, but simple, magical procedure to make it happen.

She had to kiss the tip of her elbow.

She almost dislocated her shoulder trying to accomplish that.

Never did kiss the tip of her elbow.

She now seems content to be a tomboy who cleans up rather well. My kinda gal.

Monday, July 24, 2006

How Cool is That?

My kids (8&5) are making their own lunch for camp.

Gives me more time to harrass the missus.


Friday, July 21, 2006


The Mrs gave me Flyboys to read this summer. I love history. Cut my teeth on anything and everything related to WWII.

Very disappointed with they way the first three chapters start off. Basically how the United States is responsible for how the Japanese devolved from a peacefully rigid society into the honorable, barbaric one of the 1930-40's.

Now that I'm (hopefully) through the national psych study, I hope it'll rapidly move on to the actual events the book portends to relate. The formerly classified story surrounding eight forgotten WWII pilots (and a ninth who later became president) in their attacks on Ichi Jima in support of the Iwo Jima campaign.

Well, glancing back at the table of contents, I see it may take at least another chapter to get to the meat of the story.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In a Parallel Universe

Al Reuters, Turtle Bay Headquarters - The Quebecois movement in Canada, a seperatist group under little control from the Candian government, launced a series of cross border raids into upper New York, Vermot and New Hampshire as part of a long standing dispute over lands that once belonged to the French-Canadians but were ceded to the US after the French-Indian Wars of the 18th century. The underfunded Royal Canadian Mounted Police have unable to stop the incursions and as a result, the United States will man the border with recently mobilized National Guard units. To protect
American citizens caught in the midst of the conflict, the National Guard might cross into Canada and strike at the heart of the rogue movement. Targets would likely include infrastructure used to support the militant Quebecois movement and suspected "Log Cabin" depots of Maple II missles that have been repeatedly lobbed over the border into US territory. The US is also demanding the return of three border patrol agents who were kidnapped two days ago by a Quebec raiding party. US officials state that there can be no negotiations without their freedom. Recently released internet videos indicate that the French funded organization is forcing the captured US law enforcement personel to learn French, eat raw escargot and wear flanel. The Quebucois leader, Jean le Fluer, said in a statement released this morning that any US demands will be ignored as the movement refuses to recognize the existence of the USA and its legitimacy as a nation-state. France has publicly pledged monetary aid to repair any
damages incurred in Quebec at the hands of this American aggression in Canada. The Uknighted Nations is debating a resolution condemning the United States for lifting a finger in response to the incursions of the small group of Canadian freedom fighters.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Friends in Lebanon to be Home Soon

My friends in Lebanon/Syria recently will be arriving home today if all
goes according to plan. I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pizza Delivery

I don't order out for pizza much anymore.

I love the stuff.

But now they tack on delivery charges too.

More often, I'll find pizza's at the store, bring home and fix 'em up w/ a little extra cheese, olive and whatnot.

Delivery charges. Pfft!

Iraqi Olympic Team Kidnapped

Terrorists kidnap Iraqi Olympic team?


God bless those guys. Hopefully we can find 'em quickly.

40 Year Old Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist Mom

Wow! When the Army raised its acceptance age from 35 to 40 and then to 42, Smith made a life-changing move. Two weeks away from her 40th birthday, she is now known as Pfc. Cindra Smith, a Soldier in C Company, 832nd Ordnance Battalion, 59th Ordnance Brigade, where she is attending AIT to become an explosive ordnance disposal specialist.

via the Partamian Report.

I've often thought the US was wrong in forcing our life-experienced (old-farts) folks out of service. That was one place where I felt the Ruskies were smarter than us. They had aged pilots with experience and wisdom in their cockpits. Their eyesight and reflex responses may not be as quick as some wet behind the ears 19 year old, but a nice mix of whipper-snappers and grizzled veterans is what is always needed in my opinion.

Granted, this article is about the US Army, and not a bunch of fly-boys. The Air Force is still all about performance and passing physicals - old farts can't do the later as they age. But this is a start. Just cause you're older, doesn't mean you're washed up.

There's a lot to be said for experience.

Morning Funny - Ain't it Truth?

Ah, the things we pray for.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Loving USA Network Lately

I've really enjoyed watching Monk on USA the past couple of seasons. My wife has got me watching Anthony Michael Hall's Dead Zone and we've just 'picked' up watching the promising Psyche.

But I *really* love their commercials featuring two or three of those characters.

Where are the Calls for Restraint....

Did any of the nations who are calling for restraint on the part of Isreal call for restraint or condemn the actions of state-sponsored terrorists when they invaded Israel and kidnapped/murdered their teen soldiers?

No three man rescue team from the UN rushed down to intervene then.

Did Europe cut off financing of terrorists via Euro money?

Did they demand that the terrorists adhere to the spirit of the Geneva convention? (yes they aren't a nation-state signatory, but still)

And I guess Europe is okay with and supports preemptive strikes from terrorist organizations.

Did anyone condemn Russia for stating publicly it was going to break some heads in it's attempt to rescue/find it's four citizens kidnapped by terrorists in Iraq?

But, Israel can't defend itself or retaliate apparently.

* Apparently I'm not the only one

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Got Friends in Damascus

Hope all s well with them.


Bizarre Opening Question by Press Corps to Isreali Ambassador

I sat in a BBQ shack waiting for my lunch today when CNN was covering the statement and Q&A of the Isreali Ambassador to the US. The opening question to the ambassador was something along the lines of...

"Ambassador? Are you aware of the historcal fact that that in 1864, George Custer hung 8 men and the furor over that didn't cease until 8 more men, union soldiers were hung..."

At which point the ambassador interrupted and basically said that he wasn't here for a US history lesson....

Question. Where was the reporter going with this?

First of all, most Americans would be doing well to recall who Mr. Custer was.

Was the reporter trying to tailer a response that he could soundbyte into his already written article? Was the reporter trying to impress his colleagues wth his historical acumen?

I think the reporter was referring to this bit o history:

Custer was also blamed erroneously for the execution of six Mosby's Rangers at Front Royal on September 23. In fact, Merritt had commanded the force that captured the Rangers, but Custer was present when four of the men were shot down in a field behind the Methodist Church -- one in front of his screaming mother -- and two others were hanged from a nearby walnut tree. The flamboyant Custer was easily the most recognizable Yankee on hand for the killings, and residents of the town mistakenly labeled him the chief perpetrator of the outrage. Mosby, who had not been present for the initial attack, began stockpiling any Custer troopers he managed to capture, and on November 6, at Rectorville, he had 27 Federal prisoners draw numbered slips of paper to determine which seven would be executed in reprisal for the murders at Front Royal and the slaying of a seventh Confederate prisoner on October 13. The unlucky seven were led away (two managed to escape) and executed, with a note left dangling from one of the bodies, reading: "These men have been hung in retaliation for an equal number of Colonel Mosby's men hung by order of General Custer, at Front Royal. Measure for measure."

The reprisals at Rectorville put an end to the most blatant violations of military code, but they left behind a festering bitterness in Custer and his men.

Are our press corps so out of touch that they can't ask relevant and pertinent questions regarding current events?

Granted, as a student of history, we should study it and find patterns or lessons that we can apply to events/conflicts today. I just wonder where this odd line of questioning was headed prior to being interrupted.

And for that matter, I wish our media would do a better job of reporting on interviews. I'd love to read the inane questions by reporters of officials/interviewees and have each question accurately attrbuted to the reporter/publication posing the question. Would help keep responses by quoted personse in the proper context and be harder to portray answers out of context.

Forget Computers At College

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Was Poland Ever Ready for Communism?

Mikhail Gorbachev was drug kicking and screaming into the 21st century. "Americans have a severe disease — worse than AIDS. It's called the winner's complex," he said. "You want an American style-democracy here[Russia]. That will not work."

Like communism worked. Like the Poles weren't ready for democracy.

Capitalistic Democracy isn't perfect. But the alternatives seem much worse. Look at what worked in Russia prior to good ole Gorby.

If it Bleeds, It's News

So sayeth the AJC regarding my slow speed chase Monday evening:

"If it happened Monday, and no one died or was injured, we will probably not be writing anything, if we haven't already"

Not newsworthy I guess.

As a matter of public record, I wish the paper would report almost every crime. Just some sort of police blotter. Make it small print even like the classifieds. To me, crime is newsworthy. Especially if it happens in my neighborhood. Hello! Report on local goings on people.

But to others it must only be worth if someone bleeds, a conservative politician does something wrong, a liberal one isn't liberal enough, Dallas Austin snorts in Dubai, racial issues are assumed or a celebrity has a brain fart.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Marcelo Balboa - Dirty Commentator?

Gotta say that I loved watching Marcelo Balboa play soccer. But I've not been impressed with his abilities as a commentator during this World Cup.

First off, I don't like the way he sells the professional foul as a good thing. Same with players pretending to be fouled. I'd much rather him tell the veiwing public that this poor behavior detracts from what could be a wonderfully artistic game.

He's also been prone to John Maddenism syndrome in my opinion. We rely on Balboa to comment on the game and provide a point of view from an experienced eye. Instead he gets wrapped up in talking (to hear himself talk?) and it doesn't mesh with the action or the replay on television.

Case in point. The opening minutes of the World Cup final when Italy fould the French attacker in the penalty box. No comment whatsoever on the fact that the Italian was pushed by Zidane (French) into the French attacker. We can see the replay and what happened clearly, but Balboa & Co. completely miss why the foul happened, and end up dscrediting himself as a reliable source. His statements regardng what happened don't match what we see on the television.

Should it have even been a foul called against Italy since the Italian player was pushed into the attacker?

I get fed up with this kind of thing in American Football all the time, hence my callng in John Maddneism. He is regularly guilty of this sort of thing.

My First Slow Speed Chase

Well, my first one as a witness. Was getting ready to depart from my volunteer duties at the church yesterday when I noticed a wrecked car in the parking lot across the street. It was struggling to pull its crumpled mass to the exit. The car was badly damaged, dragging rubber and trim on a fram whose front had taken a sizable impact. The back end wasn't much better.

Finally, beyond the sight of the undead wreck, I spied an unmarked police car and a marked one increase speed toward the parking lot entrance. I stared in wonder at what I was witnessing. Did they already pull the driver over, ticket them and were now letting them go? There were no sirens or flashing lights. Surely they weren't chasing this wounded mechanical sloth.

The wreck shambled out onto Roswell Road ahead of the two police cruisers, who embarrased at not being able to corner the wounded prey, sped up even more and finally activated their "you've really done it now" lights and sirens.

They caught up to the crippled escape vehicle less than a hundred yards from the parking lot exit and got on their loudspeakers and told the driver to pull over and stop the vehicle. I had seen the driver. Looked like a young white woman with electrified hair. Coulda been a boy I guess. Obviously her wild hair blocked out the noise of the sirens and amplified instuctions as she kept driving toward the major intersection down the road.

I dodged a couple more speeding police cruisers as I crossed the street, the procession now having grown to about five strobing squad cars and a number of civilian vehicles 'in tow' in the weeknight, homebound traffic.

Figured that was the end of the show.

Found out that the girl had crashed throught the wooden fence at the back of the parking lot seperating a subdivision from the commercial property. Don't know why nor where she came from, but she wasn't stopping. In fact, as I looked back the way she had gone, I discovered that the police had 'let her' turn the car around and was now heading back toward me on Roswell Road. How bizzare. Right before reaching the church property and my sidewalk location, the game of follow the leader turned off on a side street and while the sounds of the slow pursuit faded, you could still hear them from a distance.

Then I remembered my camera phone in my pocket and laughed.

I promise I'll be quicker on the draw next time.


Coffee in Atlanta

Atlanta metropolitan's 100th the Starbucks has opened on Sidney Marcus Boulevard. Starbucks is planning 200 more stores in Atlanta in the next few years.

Yippee! Sorta.

The first coffee chain that I can remember opening in Atlanta was Caribou Coffee in the early-mid 1990's. They were wonderful. Especially if you're not fond of 'Char'bucks. Not long after Starbucks noticed that Caribou was thriving and opening new stores, Starbucks followed suit, and usually opened a facility nearby.

Before the chains hit Atlanta, I found Intermezzo's Cafe in Atlanta's buckhead district, not far from Peidmont Hospital. My friends and I would hit the upscale joint late at night after movies for coffee and confections - after the movie, we couldn't afford a whole meal mind you.

There are plenty of independent coffee houses too. Caffiend's, In recent years, one of our favorite places to stop was the Drinkmor Coffee near our house. It has now closed up shop. I still have a cardboard cup sleeve from there with some wise words about coffee.

On Coffee and Why It Makes the World Go Round
With a good cup of coffee in hand, things happen.
Books are written. Tests are studied for.
Newspapers are read.
And let us not forget, the meetings met, paintings painted and theories theorized.
Coffee, but a mere beverage, is quite important.

Since then, Caribou's owners sold out to corporate investors (I would too) and while it's still a darn bit better than the coffee at the sign of the split tailed mermaid, things have changed at my beloved Caribou. The service and attention to detail isn't quite up to what it used to be since going corporate. And they have since closed down my favorite store. The one where I wooed one of their coffee wenches off her coffee stained tennis shoes and away to wedded bliss. That was just over 10 years ago.

They've opened a new caribou not far from 'our' store and we frequent it often as DaMomma has a coffee/caffiene habit. Since the kids are now old enough to ride the school bus and not need us to cart them to/from school daily, we've rediscovered a little bit of our pre-children marriage by hanging out at our local franchise. Kinda like old times.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Would a Man Shooting & Missing the President be a 'Non-event'?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

So, You Like School Uni's?

No. Not talking 'bout these.

Was browsing a potential school system for my child and while doing so, my wife found these comments - a number of them from teachers in the school system. Gotta say, some of them sound rather "ignant".

Me? I've got no real problem with uni's. Especially as long as it's blue jeans and a white polo or button down shirt. Blazers and Bass Weejuns would be too much. Keep it simple and inexpensive.

And probably, for the sake of the girls, it should be blue shirts and khaki pants. Rainy days might cause problems.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Americans are Fat and Lazy

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I-Pod Shuffle Help - Primary Computer

My wife got an Applle Ipod Shuffle during her steroid therapy treatments for her eye problems earlier this year.

Trying to figure out how to change the primary computer (off of my PC) to her work PC without erasing the songs on the Ipod shuffle?

Or is this part of the copyright stuff that makes use by law abiding every-day users difficult?

Monday, July 03, 2006


From cartoons to 80's music videos! YAY! (take that MTV!)

Hattip - Silent Running

To hell with TV. Having a blast killing time with this. I can even dig up my old dance moves! (Yeah, right. Never had any.)