Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hurricane Fay Wimps Out

Doing everything I can to attract this hurricane:
Leaky roof - check!
Need to mow the lawn - check!
Washed the cars - ... hmmmm... that's an idea..
It's the weekend - check!

Instead, this hurricane decides to go westward? Here we are in a drought and this overblown tropical storm is just teasing us. The southeast, all of it in truth, depends on hurricanes for much of our 'regular' rainfal. We've been very short in that category (hurricanes and rainfall) for much of the past decade. Other regions at our latitude such as the Middle East (for that matter just go into the American Southwest) are deserts. Without the hurricanes, my beloved pine forests are nothing more than tinderboxes.

I'm enjoying the nice cloud cover at the moment, but the area really needs a slow moving tropical storm filling our resevoirs.