Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dumb Gorilla! Halloween Prank Gone Awry?

Don't think so as this happened on August 2nd. Some guy entered a Washington state store, dressed in a gorilla suit.

Store surveillance video shows the man clearly coming up behind the boy and running off with him with his parents in hot pursuit.

The police interrogated him and then released him when the gorilla said it was a joke.

Are you kidding me? The dufus doesn't appear to have been related or a friend of the family. The guy should at least be charged with attempted kidnapping and let the jury sort it out.

Actually. The guy should have been tranq'd like a real gorilla and dumped in the nearest gorilla habitat with his head superglued on. It is just a joke afterall.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Open Letter to LTC Barry Johnson, Director, CPIC

Sent this morning. Wondering if he'll receive it.

Mr. Johnson,

I take great exception in your refusual to allow Mr. Yon to embed in Iraq on the basis that his website does not classify as a media organization. If this is the shortsighted, tunnel-like vision our leaders (including you) over there are using to prosecute the War on Terror, then I fear we will lose. Not militarily mind you, but once again, US military success will be undermined by a poorly managed/fought media campaign.

Al Sahab is kicking your/our butts with the help of our mainstream media backhome. And you're hamstringing our efforts by not fully utilizing the media options available to you. One of the ways to combat this is through people like Mr. Yon. This red-blooded American, son of ancestral veterans, eschews the trickle of relevant information that the mainstream media decides to pass on to the public.

I crave the information and context that reliable sources like Mr. Yon can provide. In fact, I seek them out. Folks like him are willing to risk life and limb to get our soldier's and our military's story out. Don't limit the public's access to the truth.

Please rectify this posthaste.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Mr. Yon;

I do not recognize your website as a media organization that we will use as a source to credential journalists covering MNF-I operations.

LTC Barry Johnson
Director, CPIC

Friday, October 20, 2006

Atlanta Teen Botches Suicide by Car, Kills Another

Chickeepoo, distraught that the object of her affection didn't swing her way (with her?), decides to kill herself in the car her parents gave(?) her?

Fine. No problem. But the object she decides to ram with her sturdily built, German engineered, safety bubble of an automobile is nothing more than a little Deawoo. No. She didn't choose an highway overpass column or a tractor trailer. Instead she killed a mother in her suicide attempt.

The city wants to prosecute her as an adult. Good. But daddy has hired a top notch defense attorney to get her off.

"Kids" these days. Making poor choices. This teen showed no concern for the safety and well being of her fellow beings All because her potential girlfriend snubbed her advances. She should be put away for decades to stew on her poor choice of strengthening the gene pool. We'll have to see how this one turns out. . .

The DA has the evidence and is hoping that there's not a rogue juror on the jury.
The defense is counting on there being a rogue juror that will have a bleeding heart and not convict her because she's less than 18.

Pedophile Roosts Near Major Atlanta Park

Does anyone else find it 'slightly' ironic that he'd move to within 1 mile of the church where Jon Benet's service was held?

Anyway, alleged pedophile John Mark Karr has come home. He's moved in w/ his father who lives just off of Mt. Paran Rd. in the Chastain residential area. This area is a mix of upper and middle class domiciles and hosts an absolutely wonderful park that frequently hosts popular music/entertainment acts at the amphitheater. Not to mention that this park is probably the most popular park for families with young children. Lots of forested space too, perfect for concealment.

Got the following email this morning from the Chastain Park Civic Association.

Dear Neighbors:

This is to let you know that John Mark Karr has moved into his
father's home on Merlendale Drive NW just south of Mount Paran Road
in North Chastain Park. Also, Merlendale Drive is approximately
three blocks north of the Chastain Park playground. As you may
recall there have been many published reports in newspapers on Mr.
Karr relating to incidents in Colorado, California, and Thailand.
you would like to learn more about Mr. Karr, please visit the
following link:

….or go to and type in "John Mark Karr" to learn more.

This email is being sent in response to many emails and phone calls
from fellow neighbors that I have received concerning Mr. Karr's
arrival in our community. Thank you.

Yours truly,
Jim King

I'm not really concerned about him for the moment. His face has been plastered over the airwaves nationally quite abit, so he's overexposed so to speak. That and there's no evidence that he's ever kidnapped a child. And we'll sure be on the lookout for him hunting for a teaching position.

Vigilance is, and should always be, the order of business when it comes to our children. Just more relevant at the moment. A lot like my wife's experience during the Wayne Williams and Doc Holiday era of the 80's.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gotta love YouTube & Google Video

Now every body can be Weird Al Yankovics. :)

Always liked that guy. Usually ended up making up my own lyrics to songs on the radio too.

Spank Me!

"Whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks!"

I was abused as a child. If that is, you believe common psycho/socio wisdom babble today. Memories of my 'scarred' childhood reveal that I physically received punishment for the following. . .

-|- Dropping rocks, leaves and stick into the outdoor AC unit's fan. - lesson learned: Air Conditioning in the south was more valuable than my hide. Something too about my actions being dangerous.

-|- Forging my parent's signature in 4th grade on a letter to my parents from the teacher. - lesson learned: I didn't practice that signature nearly enough and Dad's signature should have been attempted as my mom's flowing script (a'la the signers of the Declaration of Independence) was foolish to duplicate.

-|- For refusing to come home when my mother 'whistled' the signal. Well, that and when she picked me up by the belt loop of my britches to carry me home, I laughed as she tried to spank me crosswise with her other hand. Once the belt loop broke, she used my earlobe to lift my body out of the pinestraw blanketed dirt so that she could administer some discipline. I then realized just how much trouble I'd created for myself.

-|- For running away from my mother in a parking lot. Learned that cars have the right of way, despite what I may have heard.

Spanking is soooo taboo nowadays. I think its a tool that we've unfortunately relegated to the stereotypical abuse heap. And even if it is in your repertoire, you're not likely to admit it for the fear of someone sending child services to your home.

Kids are not little adults. They are emotionally driven, self-centered "me-monsters" that rarely see the consequence of their actions. As such, they are often immune to reason, especially when it originates from their parents. *At times*, the only thing they fear is pain.

Pain teaches us to not do things that hurt. Sometimes kids need to fear the punishment so that they don't do bad things with unimagined consequences.

Hypothetically for instance, the time my daughter was playing with an electrical socket. I could not convey to her the dangerous concept of electricity. And yes, shouting 'NO' stopped her in her tracks, but I needed to convey to her that she should never, ever consider playing or touching an outlet again. How? Fear that I'll spank her again for doing it. That'll do until she's older and I'm able to get her to conceive the danger of playing with electricity.

Like ANY good tool (a.k.a. guns, dynamite, pencils, poison/medicine, cars, etc.) that is misused or carelessly applied, bad things happen. You must make sure that the punishment fits the crime, that the punishment is appropriately connected with a bad behavior or event, and realize that one day spanking needs to be supplanted by discussion, critical decision making and education.

In fact I think there's too little spanking nowadays. I see plenty of kids running around fearless of consequences, even in church, without any concern for others. Some parents even need a good whuppin' too.

We turned out alright after all. Not to mention we didn't shoot up any schools. Granted, that's not likely the ONLY reason for this sad societilogical/psychological change in our population of children. But I see way too many coddled brats nowadays, second generation products of the Baby Boomer Generation, who first allowed their kids reach self-centered excess. We've replaced spankings with a self-esteem/entitlement philosophy. It really makes me wonder.

Been busy

shaking my stick at more kitty hair, teeth and eyeballs than i can handle.

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That and my blasted "i" key won't work. . .

Keep having to copy a prexisting 'i' into my clipboard. Of course now i've become retrained so that when i switch to a real keyboard, to type 'i' i automatically press 'CTL-v'.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Photo of Mongrel Kittens

The neighbors don't claim momma, they just buy food for her. Think I'm going to get momma fixed in the near future. In the meantime, we've got babies.