Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh What a Night

Had a software activation late last night. Was trying to get the kids fed, my boy's hair cut (6 yo Marine), kids bathed and to bed before the planned, after-hours work activity. Time's running short but I can make it.

I'm burning dinner in my boxers when the doorbell rings. It's already late and past the kid's bed time and now someone's knocking at my door? Who could that be? And how much longer till I have to be on the conference call and logged into the system?

Open the door.

It's the preacher.

From a church we're considering transfering to.

And here I am in my bedroom boxers trying to give a decent impression.

Thankfully I had a shirt on too. lol

Chatted with him a bit, sent him on his way, still got everything done and got to my desk with minutes to spare.