Saturday, February 24, 2007

We Support the Troops!

Yes we want them to not have the time they want to finish the job.
Yes we want them to win without more funding, equipment or backup.
Yes we want them to do it the hard way.
Yes we we don't want them to win under the current administration.

We want them to do more with less! We want them to be the overachievers that you claim them to be!

Question my patriotism will ya?

(sounds similar to my company's philosophy)

Youth Coaching Must be in High Demand

Amazing what late registration mountains a league will move for your when you offer to coach. :D

You're reading the blog of the hottest talent in youth girls soccer coaches.

Chivalry Dead? Nah.

Never Been as Proud of my Boy

My son, Bouncing Bubba, took a courageous stand the other day...

The sexes had been segregated for a lesson, and when a young lass showed up late for class, she walked into the lion's den of boys. Big mistake. She was redirected to the class full of giggly girls while the boys laughed at her.

My son, stood up in the middle of the taunting testosto-tots, and told them all to stop. Not nice to make fun of someone just for showing up to (wrong) class late.

(... now if she had toilet paper hanging out of the back of her dress? That'd be fair game, right? ah, but I digress...)

The boys didn't pay him much attention mind you, but the teacher heard. She brought him to the front of the class and admonished the boys for being so rude. Then she held him up as the example they should follow.

Of course this will draw the ire of the boys for being the goody-two-shoes, teacher's pet and just spoiling all the fun. But then again my boy outweighs and has outgrown all the other boys by a 'full stone'. Some advantages to being the class muscle.

Now, I wonder if lil miss Tamara Tardy Princess heard about the Great Mongrel Knight defending her honor...

Hmmm. . . same old blogger?

Have been upgraded to the new google-ized Blogger. Had been putting this off to see how other's conversions have gone.

Finally decided to let them upgrade me, as if i really had a choice...


Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Main Topic of Our Super Bowl Party

Jock Straps

The women-folk, thanks to the white pants worn by players of both teams during the Miami monsoon season, were asking questions galore about jock straps. The how, where and why of the male jock strap.

They can totally comprehend the thong, but a jock strap? LOL :D

Side Effects of a Sleeping Aid?

Drowsiness, Fatigue and Dizzyness.

Oh my.

Better not take Rozerem. You *might* get sleepy.

NBC Today Show's Bad Global Warming Advice

The Today Show's Campbell Brown interviewed a lady named Laurie David, a "good friend of Al Gore", on what to do to 'cut down on global warming'.

With the release of last week's United Nation's report, Campbell says that the "vast" majority of scientist (according to Ms. David, 2000 scientists from 100 countries - yup that's some quorum) around the globe say 'yes' global warming is happening and its our fault.

Ms. David also said that Al Gore's movie is now 'required' viewing in Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Britain by who? definitely sounds like propanda to me

Namely Laurie David suggests:

1) changing lightbulbs. (Yes! Do go to florescent bulbs. Great idea!)

2) unplugging your chargers for cell phones, blackberries, etc... as unplugging chargers can save you $250 per year. Ms. David goes one step further though and says, "Think about all the electronic equipment we all have now in our house, and it's blackberries and cellphones and hairdryers (?), electric toothbrushes, and it's everything we have all over the house. Every single person in the house has their own equipment, right?

"When you take your cell phone off the charger and you leave the charger in the wall, the charger is drawing energy." (WHAT???) "That's like 10% of your energy bill is wasted. That's energy you are buying and not using. You have to say that charger is contributing to global warming pollution. i have to pull that charger out of the wall.

3. buying recycled paper towels (yay, good idea)

4. when you go to the grocery store don't forget your canvas bag. "Think of all the bags everyone takes from every store when you're shopping and by the way, we throw away 100 billion plastic bags a year and most of them are not recycled and it takes oil to make these." Stated that 75,000 people used reusable bags 2x a week for two years would save enough petroleum to drive a car 4.5 million miles. (is the same part of refined oil that is refined for gasoline, the same that is used to generate plastic products? i don't think so.. Not to mention those plastic bags get reused around my house for everything from trashcan liners, to lunch bags, to parachutes for my son's Gi Joe 'action figure'. And think of all the oil and fertilizer required to get that cotton from the field and to market. Not to mention it likely costs more 'fuel energy' to make and produce enough canvas bags for the world than it does to create plastic bags. Who cares if plastic bags (like rocks) aren't biodegradable. They compress to almost nothing in a landfill and as long as they are in the landfill and not littering my front yard. Not to mention that unlike plastic bags, you have to occaisionaly wash your canvas bag. More energy consumed.

And a suggestion from Mrs. Mongrel that we should *all* implement is to unplug our alarm clocks when we leave the house too! :P

The whole bit about unused electronics devices wasting your energy really takes the cake. Sure your computer (on standby), your VCR blinking '12:00' and whatnot use electricity when 'off'. But to suggest that your phone charger and hairdryer draws a current is quite preposterous. When you turn an appliance like a hair dryer 'off', you break the circuit. NO electrons flow through the wire and 'consume' energy. And phone chargers? The same thing applies unless you can tell me that the little transformer that plugs into the wall has a closed circuit in it. The circuit, as far as I know, is only closed when you plug the cord into your blackberry.

Some awfully bad science in that NBC global warming commercial, er interview. Makes me wonder what else is 'off'.

What do You Mean We Can't Watch the Super Bowl?

What do You Mean We Can't Watch the Super Bowl?
Can you believe this?

Supposedly, if you have a $uperbowl party today, you must follow these NFL guidlines:

For groups that want to host Super Bowl parties -- other than sports bars and businesses that normally show televised sports -- here are rules the NFL says must be followed:

• No admission fees (even to pay for snacks).

• Only one television (55 inches or smaller).

• No use of the words "Super Bowl" in promotional materials.

• No exhibition of the game in connection with events "that promote a message."

Copyright lawyers run amok I think.

Just try and stop me. Then just try and win that lawsuit. Bring it on NFL. And show me the legislation that prevents me from hosting a $uper Bowl party at my house on a new HDTV larger than 55 inches... oh, and we'll be gambling too, darnit!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Georgia to Extend Summer Vacation?

Please, NO.

That's more weeks of the year I need to work from home, find/pay for summer camps or get babysitters. But some Ga legislators want fewer school days.

Not to mention reducing the school year and "packing the same amount of instruction into fewer days" would likely mean more lost recess time, more time away from the 'down' time studies at school like music, computer lab, etc..

One of the sponsors of the bill suggested that lengthened summer vacation would lead to more tourism revenue. Oh really? Can't prove that by me.

Having to find more care for my children and pay for those extra 'days off' means i have less money to spend on vacations. Not to mention that you're not increasing the numbers of families on vacation or money in their pocket. You're just spreading the time that they can take a vacation out over a longer interval. No extra tax revenue that i can discern. Not unless you are talking about my neighbors Muffy and Howell the third. THEY probably can go on vacation more often. Not me.

LONGER school years, coupled with more frequent vacation periods, are meant to foster learning and retention. A three month vacation does nothing for that. Don't give me this garbage about year-round schools inhibiting economic development. You want economic development, help the schools do a better job of providing an educated workbase that attracts more jobs and voila, Economic Development!

Heck, give me more school days during the year, cut back on the amount of time per day they spend in the classroom and give me frequent and smaller vacation periods. A lot like college, but different of course. Maybe an Elementary Quarter system. The camps and what not will adjust and things will definitely be different.

Please don't force our kids to do more with less. I get enough of that at work.

Gotta Love USA Networks

Thank God Monk is back. And once again their commercials rock! :)