Friday, September 30, 2005

Bubba Shot theJukebox Last Night

Gotta love country music.

I avoided it as a young man growing up in a small city/big town.

I dig it now.

Where else can you hear the lyrics, "Would you like fries with that?" or "30 cents off a pound of ground round"?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ga. Lawmakers Immune from DUI, Not!

A member of the ruling class today tried unsuccessfully to use his priveleges as a member of the Georgian Politburo to avoid a DUI charge.

No, not Tblisi. This was a Macon, Ga., Republican State Repesentative. I'm all for a vigorous and creative defense but this is ridiculous.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:
"The centuries-old provision holds that a lawmaker cannot be arrested during sessions of the General Assembly, legislative committee meetings or while they're in transit to a meeting or session. Exceptions are made for cases of "treason, felony or breach of the peace."
Graves — chairman of the House committee overseeing laws governing the alcohol industry — has said that on Feb. 15, he and other committee chairmen went from the Capitol to a dinner meeting, where they conferred about the status of legislation and plans for the next legislative day. His lawyer argued that Graves should have been granted immunity from arrest because he was leaving a gathering that was tantamount to a committee meeting, according to legal filings."

Thankfully a judge in Cobb Co. nipped it in the bud this time. But too often, our local, state and federal legislatures put themselves above the people. Be it pensions, medical benefits, unpaid labor, etc. no wonder they are out of touch with the every day trials of the citizens and small businesses.

This politician's character is already in question. His defense in this matter highlights even further the negative part of his character.



Haven't seen this many movies in one week since before I tied the Gordian knot.

Earlier, we went and saw Jodi Foster's Flightplan in theatres on opening weekend.

I expect Jodi Foster to do good movies. Her stuff is usually above average and this movie is no exception.

Her movie husband has died and she's leaving her European company to return to the states with her daughter on the largest passenger airplane in the world. Or is she?

Mother Foster awakens after take off to discover that her daughter, who no one else has seen, is missing. Naturally panic ensues and the search is on. That's about all I can really tell you without ruining the movie for you.

It is worth the price of admission if you are looking for something different, a thriller in the classic sense with some action. On of the more intelligent movie offerings from Hollywood this year.

There are some factual things regarding airline/airplane stuff to nitpick about in this movie, but if you can deal with it the movie is worth the price of admission.

The Mrs. Aims to Misbehave

Just wanted to officially state that my better half has been given her own cyber quill in case she ever wants the opportunity to contribute, refute or just misbehave on the hallowed pages of this blog.

You may see her post (or not) in the near future. She was looking forward to putting her thoughts on Serenity down too.

Welcome luv!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mornin' Guvnah!

The Governor of Georgia tonight shot and killed a little Atlanta boy.

At least that's what one Atlanta city councilman would have you believe.

The local TV news just reported on a the representative saying, "If the Governor hadn't closed schools today that boy wouldn't have been shot." <- note: NOT an exact quote.

Trying to find a link.

I'm sure the Governor knew he'd face some criticsm over cancelling school for two days due to the fuel crunch post-Rita. But this?

Not like the injured child or his friends made a bad decision here. Nor the parents who left the gun 'out' to be found. Yup. Gotta be the Governor's fault.

Can't Stop the Signal

Got back from the sneak preview of Serenity tonight. A big thanks to Glenn Reynolds for pointing out the blogger screening of the movie.

I gotta start by saying, "THANKS" to Joss Whedon.


As a fan of the TV series, I loved the movie.

I bet a lot of people will become fans after this movie.

It's an adventure, it's a love story, it's action, it's space cowboy, it's...


"We be bad guys."

This could be a 'surprise' hit, surprise to those clueless about this wonderful story. They won't be clueless for long.

I donned my "Wash" Hawaii shirt and attended the screening in Atlanta tonight with a crowd of about 40-50 bloggers & guests. Two young ladies left early during a grisly moment (must have been fans of the alliance) but the rest of us stayed to the bitter end and O' what a ride! There were two showings tonight. The one before us was full of folks who had received their passes from the local radio station or pulled one out a local free magazine. It was packed.

"I'm a leaf on the wind."

The 119 minute movie moves fast and does an good job of welcoming viewers who are new to the story, but instead of dwelling on the background story, things quickly kick into high gear and never stop.

The Mrs. loved it too. Gonna go see it again.

The worst part of tonight's experience? The trailer for 'DOOM' the movie. You know, the video game first person shooter (FPS)? Yup, it's a movie.

No. Strike that. Not hearing the trademark theme song was the worst part. It's the only bad thing I can think of about this movie.

"Dear Buddha, I'd like a pony and a plastic rocket."

I got everything I wanted out of this movie. Great story, fun ride, awesome dialogue, celestial chase scenes, fisticuffs, some nookie, an intact Firefly cast, one-liners, gun battles... and an underlying the movie is a theme of individualism and freedom - of which "I'm a believer". It's not a lost cause.

And neither is/was Firefly. Thanks again Mr. Whedon!

*** UPDATE ***
My first instalanche - Welcome Instapundit readers! and those from MisplacedKeys.

Gee. Gonna have a lot more sites to visit. :P

Not everyone is as enamored with this film as I. To be expected afterall. We'll have to see how the box office receipts tally up. Also, gotta give props to Universal for allowing this vision to come to fruition.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Since I found Serenity...

A year or two ago, I got hooked on a science fiction television series called Firefly. What's it about? It's not another psuedo military space story a' la Star Trek or Star Wars.

It's about every day people manning a small freighter trying to survive in the future. The twist? They've unknowingly attracted the attention of the Alliance government when they take on a very special passenger.

The series was prematurely cancelled by network executives.

It's full of colorful characters with their own motivations. There's a captain, pilot and 'first mate' of course. Also there is an engineer, a mercenary, a doctor, and a preacher. And the catalyst to this whole story? The very special passenger that interests the alliance so much.

The dialogue is wonderful and as such, the story doesn't need non-stop eye candy to keep the audience hooked. But it is a space based movie, there's plenty.

The story and series is the project of 'Buffy' and 'Angel' creator Joss Whedon.

Recently I just finished watching the DVDs and I got the Mrs. hooked!

Guess what?

The MOVIE called Serenity opens this Friday! Shiny!

See the trailer and some artwork by clicking here.

Here's the press release about the movie:

"Joss Whedon, the Oscar® - and Emmy - nominated writer/director responsible for the worldwide television phenomena of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE, ANGEL and FIREFLY, now applies his trademark compassion and wit to a small band of galactic outcasts 500 years in the future in his feature film directorial debut, Serenity. The film centers around Captain Malcolm Reynolds, a hardened veteran (on the losing side) of a galactic civil war, who now ekes out a living pulling off small crimes and transport-for-hire aboard his ship, Serenity. He leads a small, eclectic crew who are the closest thing he has left to family –squabbling, insubordinate and undyingly loyal."

So, come see the movie with me! The babysitter's all lined up and I'll be dragging the Mrs. there Saturday.

It's the only 'space' offering from the movie houses that I recall this year and I hope that this will bode well for this movie's box office receipts.

Oh, and wear a brown coat if you got one. ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pickle Squeezings

Do you have trouble with pickle squeezings? I do.

Condiments now come in upside down bottles. Ketchup, Catsup, Mustard and even pickle relish.

I think they need to work more on the relish version.

If your pickles clog the opening, you naturally squeeze a little harder.

This results in pickle squeazings all over your food, not to mention your kitchen and clothes. Don't ask me how I know.

( Feel free to have fun with this one Harv :P )

Friday, September 23, 2005

Dum Dum Dum Dum da Dum...

As previously mentioned, my boy, all of four years, loves music.

He can hum/sing the Star Wars soundtrack.

I'm so proud. :P

In other news...

Serenity opens in theatres next week. I can't wait. I loved the short lived TV series and look forward to seeing this story continued on the big screen.

Considering this is one of the few if only space movie offerings this year, this movie may reap extra viewers looking for something different.

I had hoped to get free passes to a local screening early next week but the demand for them exceeded the marketing companies expectations. I hope this bodes well for the box office sales.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds...

Yeah right. My bumper stopped them cold.

I found out the hard way that this 'motto' is not part of the US Postal Service mentality.

Not long ago, I had an ornery post 'person' that refused to deliver my mail. My driveway at the road is at the top of a hill. Often times I park on said hill and that means my bumper protrudes into the court we live on. This postal worker found it such a major inconvenience that our mail stopped being delivered.

Only on days when we weren't there or had parked the car in the garage overnight did we receive our mail.

Amazing. In some neighborhoods, they still deliver the mail on foot. Yet they can't be bothered to go one step further in serving their paying public.

The problem has long since been resolved. But it definitely reinforced my perception of government union stereotypes.

Gov. Closes Schools

Ga. Governor Perdue has cancelled state schools for fear of a pending energy crisis. Schools are closed Monday & Tuesday in anticipation of hurricane Rita wrecking havoc with gas availability.



Apparently, this is an attempt to save on the consumption of deisel fuel by school buses.

The two day 'early snow-day' is an inconvenience for working parents like me, but at least I've got two days to get my stuff arranged.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Kids Say the Darndest Things... (4)

One of my favorite bloggers, Blackfive, was discussing kids and adult music about a year or so ago...

My son is very musical. He has great recall when it comes to songs, what four year old doesn't? Well, Lil' Bubba's favorite song now seems to be Some Beach. The only problem is the ability of my man child to articulate the words clearly.

I'm waiting for my phone call from the school any day now.

Kids Say the Darndest Things... (3)

Be careful how you choose to respond to a child's query.

My wife the teacher had a child on the playground come up to her one day and ask, "What's a virgin?"

Both my wife and her teaching partner visibly blanched and stammered at a loss for words.

Finally one of them ask little Timmy, "What do you mean?"

Timmy responded, "Mikey asked me which virgin of computer game I had."

No Substitute for Good Parenting

There's a couple of families in the swanky neighborhood of Atlanta that seem awfully concerned about their kid's safety. They've "invested" in some signs that look like a three foot high neon cookie in the shape of a child at play. The owner can insert a bicycle flag in the hand of this figurine whose purpose is to attract the attention of drivers in the hopes of slowing them down. (sorry, can't find a link yet)

My only problem with this?

Where the heck are the parents? I'll see the tot in the front yard, but the concerned parent is not visible. One day I actually saw one. He was hiding in the bushes. I had seen his sign, it was in the middle of the road, and he steps out and waves at me to slow down.

I do my best not to speed. I am a cautious driver. But as a parent I have to wonder why the focus isn't on training the children? I have spent years teaching my children not to idly play in the street. I stood outside with them in their younger years coaching them to listen and watch for cars, and by Jove if one comes along, yell "CAR!" and immediately go stand in the nearest patch of grass.

It was either that or I was going to run them over. :P

Instead, these parents are in save the children mode and not the teach your children to be smart mode. One day, you are going to turn your back on your kids and they'll be in the street. How will the children react when you are unable to?

The day the dad surprised me from behind the bushes, as I was leaving my destination, the family had retreated to the safety inside. I noticed that the plastic child decoy had been left behind, apparently the victim of hit-and-run. Where was the plastic child's dad?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Poor Bike Lane Maintenance

I believe one of the big reasons for Atlanta's (okay, mine) recent problems with cyclists is that Atlanta has done a poor job of maintaining what bike paths do exist.

When the Olympics came in '96, there was a sizable push to make the city somewhat friendly to the mode of transportation. Now, the bikepaths that are incorporated into roadways are poorly kept. Bushes and trees are allowed to grow into the bike lanes and litter/debris is allowed to build up. This inhibits law abiding bikers from wanting to use or feeling safe to use the lanes, leading to cyclists riding in the road when they should 'stay to the right'.

If Atlanta could properly care for the bike lanes, I bet I'd have less close encounters of the cycling kind.

Where'd the city go wrong? Simply, there is little money left in the kitty. Atlanta's neglected sewage infrastructure is sucking the available resources out of the city leaving little for things like bike lane maintenance. Not to mention the usual big city corruption, graft and politics.

Is Delta Going Under?

Monday, September 12, 2005

I Like to Sweat

Thank the Lord for small favors. The The McIlhenny Co., makers of Tabasco, has its headquarters on Avery Island, La., west of New Orleans. The company reports that Hurricane Katrina took out its Web site but not its operations and there will be no interruption in the processing of the hot stuff.

But not like this.

The newest exercise fad? Hot Yoga.

What a scam. Great way for a company to REALLY cut operating overhead if you operate in the South during the summer months. There's a little place around the corner specializing in this.

How about we open an "Udderly Frigid" where we serve ice cream in Wisconsin minus any manmade heating conveniences?

Kids Say the Darndest Things... (2)

I almost disowned my son the other day. Why?

"Daddy, Are we taking a long cut?"

My wife really enjoyed that. Claims it was a spontaneous creation on his part.

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Lil' Bubba started state sponsored pre-K this year and is loving it. Came home the other day and told momma that a new girl joined the class today. I almost drove off the road when the Mrs. related his words to me.

"Momma", Lil' Bubba says. "Today, we got a new girl at school. And she speaks English."

Monday, September 05, 2005

Volunteered with the Red Cross

Today, I got up in the dark and did my stint as a volunteer for the Red Cross at one of the many shelters around Atlanta. I learned how to register 'clients' at the shelter, I organized donations, I escorted arriving medical folks to the medical station, I helped new 'clients' find the services or facilities that they were looking for at the shelter, I provided muscle to move boxes, I helped rearrange the nurses station and get a prescription pick up table set up, I talked with 'clients' now residing in the shelter, and I helped keep the perimeter of this shelter secure by patrolling the grounds and making sure the gates and doors were properly secured.

All things considered, a very pleasant and rewarding morning. The 'clients' at this shelter seemed to be in a good mood this morning. They'd get up, have breakfast, wander outside for a nicotine fix, one lady even had someone come by to pick her up and have her hair done.

I have very little disposable income, so instead I volunteered my time this morning. It's very likely I'll do it again. I'm even considering becoming a 'trained Red Cross volunteer'. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Atlanta's Katrina Efforts

Well, I live on the flight path from Louisiana to Atlanta. The house rumbled the other day as a large military transport buzzed my house on the way to Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta.

Once landed, the 'passengers' are evaluated for medical needs by a fleet of on hand ambulances and their paramedic crews. If healthy they are shipped by bus to area shelters and even the Georgia Tech Coliseum. The same kind of thing is happening all over the state as well as the entire South. I intend to find where these shelters are locally and offer my assistance.

Upwards of 2600 of the visitors from the Gulf Coast are expected to be relocated here for medical necessities and divided up among the various hospitals. I've got family that's been working round the clock at Atlanta's "Pill Hill". Going to have to see what I can do to support them in their efforts too.

Georgia Institute of Technology has opened up it's school to the students of Tulane.

And as usual during weather related crisis, the utility companies are doing their part. Georgia's phone and power workers are already en route to the gulf coast to help restore services. Heard a spot on local radio where a caller who had recently driven back to Atlanta from Virginia was overwhelmed by the convoys of utility trucks from up north and the southeast, rolling down the interstate to the stricken region. My uncle in South Georgia works for Bellsouth. I wouldn't be surprised if he's involved in part of the recovery efforts.

We may not be able to drive to the Gulf Coast and directly lend a hand, but you and I can definitely find out what is being done in our local communities and help out there. Don't you think?

Thankfully, my kinfolk in Mobile are safe. I got ahold of the last bunch of them yesterday. They finally got power back and things there are returning to what passes for normal. There's a wedding planned within the month that we'll be attending and have been looking forward to for quite sometime. While the overall event will be tempered somewhat by recent events, you can be darned sure that we'll be doing our best to celebrate life.