Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cat Stories

My cat isn't the brightest thing in the world.

But some how he'd digested one of my wife's long hairs.

He'd gone downstars to do his bidness in the kitty box and it must have been a rather dry affair.

Later we heard him running round the house, as if his tail wsa on fire.

Lo and behold we catch site of the meteoric ball of fur and he's being chased by something. The cat is unnerved as if he's about to be 'gotten'. He's spooked.

No, not quite. He gets closer to us and comes into the light at full speed and we see that he's got something tied round his tail.

Well, not exactly.

As he rounds the corner and heads away from us, we can discern a small, dried ball of poop, attached by a long single strand of hair to his innards.

I finally chase him down and and pick him up with my foot firmly on the strand of hair. Grab a tissue and toss the dried scat away.

Could have been worse, but we laughed about it for quite a while.