Saturday, December 16, 2006

Love Those Knobs! Gotta Kn-obsession.

I've got a thing for 'knobs'.

Big ones, small ones, all colors and kinds of knobs. They not only look good, they perform a couple of important functions too.

But here in the 21st century, they are an endangered species.

Just take a look at your brand new TV. You see any knobs there? No? Look harder. Are they hidden behind a maintenance panel that pops open? Are the on the back of the TV? No? Hmmm.

You love your brand new flat-panel, liquid emitting, diometrically opposed, phased array, titanium cased, super-hi fidelity, high definition television, right? What happens when you lose your remote control?

Do you have to take out a second mortgage for the cost to replace the remote w/ the smae model from the manufacturer? Do you run to radio shack for a universal that does the job pretty well but forever leaves you feeling technologically inadequate because now you can change the channel but you're unable to adjust the tint or even mess w/ your TV's cooler features?

< Gasp! > Do you just buy another TV?

PLEASE electronics manufacturers! Bring back the knobs. I want your knobs. You can even hid them under one of those pop out panels on the front of my TV. But please give me a way to manipulate my TV w/ the $3000 remote control.

Now, please excuse me while I hunt for the remote to my DVD player. $*(#@*S!%!