Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This Is Obama's Election to Lose

Obama the savior was supposed to win the presidential 'final' hands down. Surely a cakewalk against the despised GOoPers. He still may. But he chose an uninspiring VP pick (yes he's "experienced" but we were looking for change weren't we?) and he's no longer wowing the crowds like he used to.

Along comes McCain. His choice for VP gives us an everyday woman, someone almost everybody can relate to, and steals some of the excitement from Obama. Now, even the electing the Republican party will surely bring some definite change. It's no longer the Democrat's version of manifest destiny through diversity.

His selection has certainly piqued my interest. I'm much less likely to be voting for a Libertarian this time around. She's a true outsider. An unpolished, pistol packing mama, with convictions and who has actually led citizens in an elected government office. I'm sorry, Senators and Congressmen don't "lead". They 'legislate'. Usually to the detriment of our freedoms.

And as far as her 'lack of experience goes'. Look back to Bill Clinton 8 years ago. I voted for him then. I have no problem voting for her now as McCain's backup.

And for that matter, her disfunctional family life? Who's family isn't disfunctional? If you don't have an unwed mother or pregnant teen somewhere close in your family 'shrub', YOUR the oddball. Geez, the bible is full of disfunctional families. Can you imagine the same level of scrutiny (minus the defensive layers of lawyers) leveled at Mr. Clinton's characer eight years ago?

I want a black man as president some day. I want a woman president. I want a black woman president (Baldilocks anyone?) someday. It is time. It will happen someday. It'll happen soon. I just don't want it to be Obama.