Friday, July 14, 2006

Where are the Calls for Restraint....

Did any of the nations who are calling for restraint on the part of Isreal call for restraint or condemn the actions of state-sponsored terrorists when they invaded Israel and kidnapped/murdered their teen soldiers?

No three man rescue team from the UN rushed down to intervene then.

Did Europe cut off financing of terrorists via Euro money?

Did they demand that the terrorists adhere to the spirit of the Geneva convention? (yes they aren't a nation-state signatory, but still)

And I guess Europe is okay with and supports preemptive strikes from terrorist organizations.

Did anyone condemn Russia for stating publicly it was going to break some heads in it's attempt to rescue/find it's four citizens kidnapped by terrorists in Iraq?

But, Israel can't defend itself or retaliate apparently.

* Apparently I'm not the only one