Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Can't Stop the Signal

Got back from the sneak preview of Serenity tonight. A big thanks to Glenn Reynolds for pointing out the blogger screening of the movie.

I gotta start by saying, "THANKS" to Joss Whedon.


As a fan of the TV series, I loved the movie.

I bet a lot of people will become fans after this movie.

It's an adventure, it's a love story, it's action, it's space cowboy, it's...


"We be bad guys."

This could be a 'surprise' hit, surprise to those clueless about this wonderful story. They won't be clueless for long.

I donned my "Wash" Hawaii shirt and attended the screening in Atlanta tonight with a crowd of about 40-50 bloggers & guests. Two young ladies left early during a grisly moment (must have been fans of the alliance) but the rest of us stayed to the bitter end and O' what a ride! There were two showings tonight. The one before us was full of folks who had received their passes from the local radio station or pulled one out a local free magazine. It was packed.

"I'm a leaf on the wind."

The 119 minute movie moves fast and does an good job of welcoming viewers who are new to the story, but instead of dwelling on the background story, things quickly kick into high gear and never stop.

The Mrs. loved it too. Gonna go see it again.

The worst part of tonight's experience? The trailer for 'DOOM' the movie. You know, the video game first person shooter (FPS)? Yup, it's a movie.

No. Strike that. Not hearing the trademark theme song was the worst part. It's the only bad thing I can think of about this movie.

"Dear Buddha, I'd like a pony and a plastic rocket."

I got everything I wanted out of this movie. Great story, fun ride, awesome dialogue, celestial chase scenes, fisticuffs, some nookie, an intact Firefly cast, one-liners, gun battles... and an underlying the movie is a theme of individualism and freedom - of which "I'm a believer". It's not a lost cause.

And neither is/was Firefly. Thanks again Mr. Whedon!

*** UPDATE ***
My first instalanche - Welcome Instapundit readers! and those from MisplacedKeys.

Gee. Gonna have a lot more sites to visit. :P

Not everyone is as enamored with this film as I. To be expected afterall. We'll have to see how the box office receipts tally up. Also, gotta give props to Universal for allowing this vision to come to fruition.