Thursday, September 29, 2005



Haven't seen this many movies in one week since before I tied the Gordian knot.

Earlier, we went and saw Jodi Foster's Flightplan in theatres on opening weekend.

I expect Jodi Foster to do good movies. Her stuff is usually above average and this movie is no exception.

Her movie husband has died and she's leaving her European company to return to the states with her daughter on the largest passenger airplane in the world. Or is she?

Mother Foster awakens after take off to discover that her daughter, who no one else has seen, is missing. Naturally panic ensues and the search is on. That's about all I can really tell you without ruining the movie for you.

It is worth the price of admission if you are looking for something different, a thriller in the classic sense with some action. On of the more intelligent movie offerings from Hollywood this year.

There are some factual things regarding airline/airplane stuff to nitpick about in this movie, but if you can deal with it the movie is worth the price of admission.