Saturday, September 03, 2005

Atlanta's Katrina Efforts

Well, I live on the flight path from Louisiana to Atlanta. The house rumbled the other day as a large military transport buzzed my house on the way to Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta.

Once landed, the 'passengers' are evaluated for medical needs by a fleet of on hand ambulances and their paramedic crews. If healthy they are shipped by bus to area shelters and even the Georgia Tech Coliseum. The same kind of thing is happening all over the state as well as the entire South. I intend to find where these shelters are locally and offer my assistance.

Upwards of 2600 of the visitors from the Gulf Coast are expected to be relocated here for medical necessities and divided up among the various hospitals. I've got family that's been working round the clock at Atlanta's "Pill Hill". Going to have to see what I can do to support them in their efforts too.

Georgia Institute of Technology has opened up it's school to the students of Tulane.

And as usual during weather related crisis, the utility companies are doing their part. Georgia's phone and power workers are already en route to the gulf coast to help restore services. Heard a spot on local radio where a caller who had recently driven back to Atlanta from Virginia was overwhelmed by the convoys of utility trucks from up north and the southeast, rolling down the interstate to the stricken region. My uncle in South Georgia works for Bellsouth. I wouldn't be surprised if he's involved in part of the recovery efforts.

We may not be able to drive to the Gulf Coast and directly lend a hand, but you and I can definitely find out what is being done in our local communities and help out there. Don't you think?

Thankfully, my kinfolk in Mobile are safe. I got ahold of the last bunch of them yesterday. They finally got power back and things there are returning to what passes for normal. There's a wedding planned within the month that we'll be attending and have been looking forward to for quite sometime. While the overall event will be tempered somewhat by recent events, you can be darned sure that we'll be doing our best to celebrate life.