Monday, September 05, 2005

Volunteered with the Red Cross

Today, I got up in the dark and did my stint as a volunteer for the Red Cross at one of the many shelters around Atlanta. I learned how to register 'clients' at the shelter, I organized donations, I escorted arriving medical folks to the medical station, I helped new 'clients' find the services or facilities that they were looking for at the shelter, I provided muscle to move boxes, I helped rearrange the nurses station and get a prescription pick up table set up, I talked with 'clients' now residing in the shelter, and I helped keep the perimeter of this shelter secure by patrolling the grounds and making sure the gates and doors were properly secured.

All things considered, a very pleasant and rewarding morning. The 'clients' at this shelter seemed to be in a good mood this morning. They'd get up, have breakfast, wander outside for a nicotine fix, one lady even had someone come by to pick her up and have her hair done.

I have very little disposable income, so instead I volunteered my time this morning. It's very likely I'll do it again. I'm even considering becoming a 'trained Red Cross volunteer'. Hope to see you there!