Friday, October 20, 2006

Atlanta Teen Botches Suicide by Car, Kills Another

Chickeepoo, distraught that the object of her affection didn't swing her way (with her?), decides to kill herself in the car her parents gave(?) her?

Fine. No problem. But the object she decides to ram with her sturdily built, German engineered, safety bubble of an automobile is nothing more than a little Deawoo. No. She didn't choose an highway overpass column or a tractor trailer. Instead she killed a mother in her suicide attempt.

The city wants to prosecute her as an adult. Good. But daddy has hired a top notch defense attorney to get her off.

"Kids" these days. Making poor choices. This teen showed no concern for the safety and well being of her fellow beings All because her potential girlfriend snubbed her advances. She should be put away for decades to stew on her poor choice of strengthening the gene pool. We'll have to see how this one turns out. . .

The DA has the evidence and is hoping that there's not a rogue juror on the jury.
The defense is counting on there being a rogue juror that will have a bleeding heart and not convict her because she's less than 18.