Saturday, October 21, 2006

Open Letter to LTC Barry Johnson, Director, CPIC

Sent this morning. Wondering if he'll receive it.

Mr. Johnson,

I take great exception in your refusual to allow Mr. Yon to embed in Iraq on the basis that his website does not classify as a media organization. If this is the shortsighted, tunnel-like vision our leaders (including you) over there are using to prosecute the War on Terror, then I fear we will lose. Not militarily mind you, but once again, US military success will be undermined by a poorly managed/fought media campaign.

Al Sahab is kicking your/our butts with the help of our mainstream media backhome. And you're hamstringing our efforts by not fully utilizing the media options available to you. One of the ways to combat this is through people like Mr. Yon. This red-blooded American, son of ancestral veterans, eschews the trickle of relevant information that the mainstream media decides to pass on to the public.

I crave the information and context that reliable sources like Mr. Yon can provide. In fact, I seek them out. Folks like him are willing to risk life and limb to get our soldier's and our military's story out. Don't limit the public's access to the truth.

Please rectify this posthaste.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Mr. Yon;

I do not recognize your website as a media organization that we will use as a source to credential journalists covering MNF-I operations.

LTC Barry Johnson
Director, CPIC