Friday, October 20, 2006

Pedophile Roosts Near Major Atlanta Park

Does anyone else find it 'slightly' ironic that he'd move to within 1 mile of the church where Jon Benet's service was held?

Anyway, alleged pedophile John Mark Karr has come home. He's moved in w/ his father who lives just off of Mt. Paran Rd. in the Chastain residential area. This area is a mix of upper and middle class domiciles and hosts an absolutely wonderful park that frequently hosts popular music/entertainment acts at the amphitheater. Not to mention that this park is probably the most popular park for families with young children. Lots of forested space too, perfect for concealment.

Got the following email this morning from the Chastain Park Civic Association.

Dear Neighbors:

This is to let you know that John Mark Karr has moved into his
father's home on Merlendale Drive NW just south of Mount Paran Road
in North Chastain Park. Also, Merlendale Drive is approximately
three blocks north of the Chastain Park playground. As you may
recall there have been many published reports in newspapers on Mr.
Karr relating to incidents in Colorado, California, and Thailand.
you would like to learn more about Mr. Karr, please visit the
following link:

….or go to and type in "John Mark Karr" to learn more.

This email is being sent in response to many emails and phone calls
from fellow neighbors that I have received concerning Mr. Karr's
arrival in our community. Thank you.

Yours truly,
Jim King

I'm not really concerned about him for the moment. His face has been plastered over the airwaves nationally quite abit, so he's overexposed so to speak. That and there's no evidence that he's ever kidnapped a child. And we'll sure be on the lookout for him hunting for a teaching position.

Vigilance is, and should always be, the order of business when it comes to our children. Just more relevant at the moment. A lot like my wife's experience during the Wayne Williams and Doc Holiday era of the 80's.