Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chivalry Dead? Nah.

Never Been as Proud of my Boy

My son, Bouncing Bubba, took a courageous stand the other day...

The sexes had been segregated for a lesson, and when a young lass showed up late for class, she walked into the lion's den of boys. Big mistake. She was redirected to the class full of giggly girls while the boys laughed at her.

My son, stood up in the middle of the taunting testosto-tots, and told them all to stop. Not nice to make fun of someone just for showing up to (wrong) class late.

(... now if she had toilet paper hanging out of the back of her dress? That'd be fair game, right? ah, but I digress...)

The boys didn't pay him much attention mind you, but the teacher heard. She brought him to the front of the class and admonished the boys for being so rude. Then she held him up as the example they should follow.

Of course this will draw the ire of the boys for being the goody-two-shoes, teacher's pet and just spoiling all the fun. But then again my boy outweighs and has outgrown all the other boys by a 'full stone'. Some advantages to being the class muscle.

Now, I wonder if lil miss Tamara Tardy Princess heard about the Great Mongrel Knight defending her honor...