Monday, January 02, 2006

That Cadillac Quality

Talked to the Mongrel Grandfather the other night. His dashboard module that contains the odometer and all the readouts failed while on vacation.

Apparently there's been a spate of similar incidents around the nation. The dash module basically failed and my father had to drive home (across the country) without a working odometer, spedometer & gas guage, etc..

The worst part? The odometer is part of the unit. And odometers must be 'registered with the federal government' or something. So, the old one has to be sent back to the factory and a new dash unit - after finishing the appropriate paperwork - will be sent to the maligned customer.

Well, due to the rash of dashboard failures, these parts are rarely in stock. And with the built in delay due to the registration/deregistration paperwork, the Mongrel pops will likely be driving a demo Caddy for quite some time.

Sounds to me like the connection between the engine and the dashboard module catastrophically failed. And I bet they didn't design a back up line of communications between the engine and dash.