Thursday, December 29, 2005

Once a King of Narnia...

Always a King of Narnia.

Took the Mongrel clan to the movies today. Saw C.S. Lewis' story, the Chronicles of Narnia, on the silver screen.

Was rather impressed with the movie and enjoyed the story. Kids got a little gun shy during the scary moments. Mainly due to good movie making letting your imagination to run amok with the unknown.

It's not a blockbuster I guess. Aimed more at kids. Think of it as Lord of the Rings 'Lite'.

Make up and costumes were absolutely wonderful but a few of the greenscreen shots done by Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic came up short of what was expected in my opinion.

I never finished the books. Think I barely started them. For whatever reason, that was one of those things that almost every other kid grew up reading that I missed out on or ignored. Guess I've got some catching up to do. I bet I'll have to fight the Mongrel daughter for the copy of the book. Maybe not if I can find our 2nd copy...