Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Fal"can'ts"

I've always loved my Falcons. Well, ever since I outgrew my Dallas Cowboy pajamas of the late '70s/early '80s.

The defense has fallen behind this year. We let a number of guys go as free agents and had many injuries this year. As a result, the linebacking corps is light (but fast) our secondary is young. Can't stop the run for fear of giving up big yardage through the air. Can't focus on pass defense because everyone can run through our lightweight defense.

I sure hope they/we can turn this around next season.

That and Mike Vick is still making bad decisions and throwing passes with only his arm strength. I'm sitting here watching the Falcons/Panthers game and I don't know that I've yet see Vick throw with his feet set. He's got happy feet. That and when he does throw, he often throws the passes high and his receivers get killed going for the ball.

He's got awesome potential. He's in his third year and in those three years, we won in Green Bay in the playoffs, gone to the NFC Championship mathcup and not had a losing season. I just wish I wasn't afraid that we're heading in the wrong direction. This was supposed to be year where we made it back to the NFC Championship match - not go 8 and 8 on the season.

We could use some improvement on the O-line - find a veteran receiver ala Shawn Jefferson for Vick - headhunting safeties who like to draw blood (including their own) - get our LB corp healthy and get a stud DT. Oh. And maybe a QB coach. Just a small list, right?

Looking forward to next season.