Saturday, December 17, 2005

Marines in Need of Soccer Gear

Found this 'letter' on from a Marine:


My name is Corporal Gonzalez with the United States Marine Corps. Currently I am stationed in Ramadi, Iraq. The reason I am writing is because we are in dire need of donations. What happened is that insurgents totalled the truck that had all of our supplies in it with a roadside bomb recently. This happened last week and with the elections in Iraq coming up in about a month the Public Affairs deparment here is in serious need of some help. What we ask for is soccer balls but anything else that can be associated to the sport is more then welcomed. The children here love the sport and nothing more then to play it when time allows. We hand out the soccer balls on welfare missions to see how the people of the country are doing and to help them understand that we are here to help. The best thing to see here are the smiles on the children and parents when they receive a present from us. Even though it might not be obvious, this country revolves around soccer.
I truly appreciate the time it took you to read this and any help that comes along is more then honored.

You can reach me by email or by mail which is

CPL Gonzalez MC
3/7 H&S s3
UIC 41575
FPO AP 96426-1575

once again
thank you