Thursday, December 29, 2005

Emerald Bowl Has a Crappy Field

Sitting here on my couch watching the Georgia Tech v. Utah game at the Emerald Bowl and the field is a complete piece of feces.

They're playing the game at SBC Field in SanFransisco.

The field is soaked and the grass is long and the turf is soft. The long grass is holding the moisture on the field and not letting it dry out at all. Players are dropping left and right like the plague.

I bet the bowl committee didn't let the players warm up on the field. Looks like neither team is comfortable playing out there. Course I'm upset because the hometown team is losing.

Would love to see them change shoes. The 'turf shoes' these gridiron gladiators are wearing just won't cut it. They need some real cleats. Put on some soccer shoes and leave the other guys in your wake....

Just saw a safety slip a disc trying to cover a post route.

Also, since this game is played on a baseball field, drainage is poorer than your stereotypical crowned football fields.

At least the baseball infield is nowhere to be seen during this game. Other than that, this bowl location stinks to high heaven. Being in SF I think they'd have the playing surface prepped for wet weather. I'd rather see the ACC dump this fledgeling bowl once contracts are up.

But then again maybe I'd feel different if my boys were playing/faring better.