Friday, December 16, 2005

5 Weird Habits Meme

Got double teamed this past week for my first ever meme. Thanks Sticks and Quality Weenie Machelle.

With a lil help from the Mrs. my five deadly, er.. weird habits are as follows:

1) Cracking the joint on my big toe(s) repeatedly by oscillating the digit.

2) Putting the toilet lid down after my pre-slumber bladder evacuation. Apparently the Mrs. can't look before she plops at 0'dark thirty. Not to mention she ain't got her eyeballs on at that time of night.

3) Playing "lose the tail" spy games in the morning by rarely duplicating my path to work on Atlanta's roads. My wife claims I never take the same route to work twice. She apparently subscribes to the lull your tail to sleep and then suprise him when the situation demands it. (My son asks me if I'm taking a long-cut.)

4) Watching any soccer game on TV, regardless of time of day, sex of players involved, age of players on the field, or the broadcast language.

5) Close my locked car door while holding my keys visibly in my free hand just so that I don't lock myself out of the car.

and bonus round:
6) Fighting the urge to reach out and touch the female bosoms of total strangers as I walk down the street.

Who to tag...

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