Monday, January 02, 2006

Beauty and the Geek

IMHO, There are way too many Beauties in the world and too few geeks.

I for one, pretty much despise 'reality TV'. Especially those 'shows' where we are supposed to laugh at a "contestant's" misfortune.

My idea of reality TV is the news. Or better yet, sports.

I do watch Survivor from time to time, and The Amazing Race - but I may just have to watch this Beauty and the Geek. I saw some of the participants being asked questions about every day life and am amazed at their ignorance. One question asked of beauty was, "Where does roast beef come from?" Answers ranged from "Arby's" to "cows,... or pigs! Or, maybe horses, also." Well, at least she got the right answer in there SOMEWHERE. But she didn't really know.


We've got people of voting age in the world, soaking up everything the media is feeding them, who can name every actor they've ever seen and the parts they've played, but they can't tell you about something so basic as where does roast beef come from?

It's as bad as watching that routine on the Jay Leno show where he interviews the people on the street with simple questions. Questions regarding who exactly makes the laws in our country, what George Washington is famous for, who we fought in WWII.

I'm just amazed at the general level of incompetence and ignorance in my fellow Americans. I couldn't care less about the geeks being able to properly style their hair, or know who George Clooney's mom is. But the schools and parents seem to be failing in their duty to properly educate these people as children. And the media loves these people because they just absorb anything that they see on the TV or hear on the radio.

Granted, the producers of this show probably searched for and found the dtiziest beauties and the most socially inept geeks. But I bet if you just walked down the street and randomly shook hands with people on the street, you'd meet many more cognitively deficient beauties than rocket scientists.