Saturday, January 07, 2006


Does the Atlanta Journal Constitution read it's own paper?

You remember a year or more ago, the picture going around the internet of the 12 foot, 1000 lb. wild pig shot by hunters in Georgia?

Today, the AJC runs a story about wild pigs being a threat to state crops. I've been personally aware of these creaturs since I was a boy spending part of my summer near the Georgia coast. My uncles killed one that got close to our shanty and we had some mighty fine eating for a good while.

In the story the writer relates the previous story about Hogzilla:
The largest wild hog ever killed was shot in June 2004 in Alapaha, in south central Georgia. Labeled "Hogzilla" by the plantation hunting guide who shot him, the animal was confirmed by National Geographic experts to be 12 feet long and 1,000 pounds.

Checking with Snopes however, and apparently the National Geographic Society claims "Indeed, when the National Geographic Society sent a team of scientists to exhume Hogzilla, what they found was not a 12-foot behemoth of a hog, but an animal they estimated had measured about 7-1/2 feet in length and weighed around 800 lbs. — a hybrid of wild boar and domestic Hampshire pig that the the Atlanta Journal-Constitution described as "large, perhaps even record-setting large, but not hide-the-children-and-get-your-guns large."

Somebody is bending the truth here for sure, and shame on the AJC for taking part. Likely, the pig is not as big as 'reported', but that's some pig!