Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cough Medicine Ineffective?

Keeping the Mrs. up all night are we? Need a remedy?

A 'new' study was covered by the MSM that claims cough medicines were ineffective.


I've never known a cough medicine to cease my cough. What I DO want from them is a temporary reprieve from coughing. Sometimes my sinus drainage causes SO much coughing that my chest hurts. Sometimes I cough myself a headache.

Cough medicines do suppress my urge to cough. Usually enough to allow me to achieve a status resembling sleep. Thanks to Mrs. Mongrel, I've learned to put up with the licorice (black jelly bean) flavor of Nyquil and it does the job nicely overnight. Typically I stick to the Robitussin.

But if these are truly ineffective, I've got one for the Mrs. ... maybe chocolate is a better remedy?

Maybe I'll just stick to my favorite alternatives...
Head over to Madfish Willie's Saloon and pour myself a shot of Drambuie or Brandy & Benedictine.