Saturday, September 30, 2006

Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?!

Er. . . kittens that is.

I have kittens. Well the neighbor cat (if the neighbors claim momma cat) had them some time in the last 36 hours. Thankfully after a huge hail storm had already passed by. Missed our house but we had some torrential downpour for a while.

She had them under a couple of wooden pallets stacked against our concrete retaining wall in a bed of leaves.


Kids are excited. Me too a little bit.

Momma cat is a sweet heart.

Would have loved to see what offspring would have resulted from our male and her genes mingling. But our male has long been 'fixed'.

We'll likely end up with a kitten. Ugh. Already have trouble keeping up with our Mongrel Dog and Mongrel Cat. We'll see.

Currently looking for a box to protect the litter or a bag to send em all down the river in. Wonder which I'll find first?