Monday, September 18, 2006

Paying to Volunteer?

I'm headed back to Miss. Gulf Coast to continue rebuilding efforts as part of my Presbyterian Church's outreach.

Last time, we went and paid a little upfront money ($15/day) to cover soup kitchen costs.


The Miss. Presbytery is requesting a $100 tax/fee/donation for all Presbyterian 'volunteers'. I'm claiming highway robbery.

I'v "heard" complaints that they were having to pay for volunteers who'd show up with nothing. I saw none of that. I saw many, MANY folks with their own trailers and equipment. My church even put up money for our initial outfitting.

It's not our place to ship sheetrock down there though we've done it when given a donation in Atlanta. We'll go down there and put up, fix whatever the owner has on hand, clear debris or demolish as need be. That's the plan.

Really makes me wonder what the Miss. Presbytery really wants with this money. They shouldn't be collecting taxes/fees from volunteers to help bolster the poor or displaced residents either. If that's what they need, they should formerly ask for that kind of assistance.

Not to mention the possible inhibiting force on the free flow of volunteers (from within the Pres. Church) to the Miss Gulf Coast.

One way or the other, I think that they're robbing Peter to pay Paul.