Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Presbyterian Insurgency!

or rather another Presbyterian schism...

Congregations, who take seriously the current environment of the denomination and the world, and who are convinced that merely fighting battles in church courts will not take us in the direction of renewed health and vitality, will want to participate. Becoming a part of PGF is also a way for congregations to publicly identify themselves with a Christ-centered fellowship that is not defined by the PC(USA)’s governing bodies and that is motivated to “get on with the mission” of the church.

A new organization has been formed to steer a different course amidst today’s PC(USA) crisis. To those who would leave we say that we believe there is much that is effective and biblically faithful within our Presbyterian family which can be refocused toward mission. To those who favor the status quo we say that dwindling membership, declining giving and increasing fragmentation within our church strongly indicate the need to move beyond business as usual.

I've been an unhappy Presbyterian (I love my church, but the adminsitration of the sect has been lacking) what with the constant Isreali demonization (they are not without blame, but are far from the devil that they are portrayed) and today's General Assembly vote to allow for the existence of non-celibate, single elders & ministers. Will be interesting to see what becomes of this.

Not fun, but interesting none-the-less. Hopefully we can avoid the intra-denominational demonization too.

Already, letters from churches and congregations protesting today's Peace, Unity and Purity report are being circulated.