Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Soccer Bashing

I don't know what it is about the psyche of the American public that leads itself to bashing soccer and its fans.

I grew up playing it. I still play it. And... I *watch* it.

I'm totally stoked about the World Cup being played in a few days.

*ahem* A real world championship.

But mainstream sportscasters, and sportsfans, deem it the duty of their manhood to put my favorte sport down. Why?

Are they skeered?

Yes, the world, by and large, loves futbol. The world, by and large, participates in futbol. Are our primarily American sports afraid of one day being eclipsed locally by soccer? Are they so weak that they won't survive?

I like other sports. In fact, I love American Football. It satisfies a primal urge that nothing else comes close to satisfying. But my first love is soccer. I love 'legally' pounding the snot out of my opponent. I've even done it without pads. It has its place. And oh how I long for it the dog days of summer. But...

Do I put down baseball? I could, but don't. Do I put down basketball and what it's become? I could, but don't. But people put down soccer like it's Christianity or something.

You can let bowling, and NASCAR be. Let my footy be. Leave me to my indulgences. And if you don't want to watch, or try to understand, so be it.

And don't judge us by a couple of limey hooligans. I won't judge you by the Philly fans.

And please don't judge us by the Soccer Mom ninnies who don't want their poor Sebastion hurt on the field, or the score to be ignored in order to protect his fragile psyche.

But enough with the jabs.