Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ouch! Airtran Computer Glitch Leaves Passengers Stranded

Bad PR for one of ATL's most successful businesses.

Heard on the radio at lunch that passengers have been stuck in Atlanta since 0630 this morning. A 'computer glitch' has caused passengers to miss flights and be left in limbo since this morning. Some of the kiosks are coming back online but long lines await any Airtran customers.

Online Check In seems to be down too. The site says: "The AirTran Airways online check-in system is currently offline for maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please check back with us again shortly. Thank you for your patience."

In February, Airtran renewed it's contract with Navitaire, a New Global Distribution System owned by Accenture.

Privately held Navitaire, a subsidiary of Chicago-based Accenture (NYSE: ACN), provides outsourced technology and business solutions to the airline industry.

Not a good day for them either. Worse day for passengers. I'm considering using Airtran this fall, but maybe not... depends on how they handle this...

Disclaimer - I'm in the travel biz.

Damn! Still an issue at 6pm here in ATL. Line waits of 6+ hours are being reported and Airtran is handing out water bottles and giving away free round trips to people who "ask" for it. Somebody(s) will be losing their jobs over this me thinks.

Sounds like this computer 'upgrade' has no fallback. Poor planning by Airtran and their IT dept/partners. Stuck on a one-way track to who knows where... IMHO, you can't call this a glitch. To do so would be to severely sugar coat the impact to the bottom line, operations and not to mention, the passengers.