Friday, June 09, 2006

Cup Off to a Roaring Start

Yay! The World Cup has arrived.

I stole away from work at lunch to watch the opening match of Germany vs Costa Rica. Glad I got an early seat. The sports bar I went to filled up quickly and there were 3 goals in the first fifteen minutes.

Costa Rica kept it close but were overpowered and went down 4-2.

Got home to see the last part of the second match, Poland vs. Equador. Poland was looking tired, sluggish and uninspired, while Equador seemed to have one more high gear than Poland was capable of finding. Equador held on 2-0 to win three points in the standings and staved off a late comeback by the Poles, who hit the post twice in the final ten 10 minutes of play. The Poles might have one had they played the entire game like their last ten.