Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No, Today is NOT the Day of the Devil

The press is busy hyping up the 666 garbage while I've yet to hear a mainstream media outlet mention D-Day.

Course, what'd I expect, right?

My grandfather got a star for his service in the Battle of Normandy/Operation Overlord. He didn't storm the beaches but apparently his work and dedication earned him a lower order star.

Was always proud of my grandfather, but he'd never talk about any of it. He was the tall strong quite type. I was a young lad learning about history, and burning through every history book I could find on WWII and when I'd ask him about his involvement, he'd never let us discuss it. Annoyed me but what are you going to do?

This spring, his wife died. I hope they're dancing together now and maybe he's let his hair down by now. He was always so serious as I remember him. But I've seen the pictures of him and my grandmother, together in their courting days, so I have proof that he did at one time.