Thursday, May 18, 2006

What's In Your Wallet?

I remember growing up and watching the Bloodhound Gang and loving every minute of it. I'd stay up late as possible to catch glimpses of Quincy before being shooed off to bed.

I sit here in bed next to the Mrs. and am watching the CSI finale (taping Will & Grace) and I can't help but laugh. Most of the crime scenes in my favorite crime/detective/dramas are immaculate except for the innard debris. If something happened to me at the shack, the poor local CSI's would find my 'life' all over the place.

A tin of popcorn by the TV, two hampers of dirty laundry in the corner, floors in need of vacumming, clean laundry waiting on the couch for someone to fold it...

Warrick just picked up a "vic's" wallet in a hotel room and inspected it for money. "Wallet's empty." He states. Ha! Pick up my wallet at my crime scence and you'll be picking up stuff for hours!

A coupon, receipts from fast food purchases, a lot of prescription/medical receipts, couple of notes, gift cards, famly pics, credit cards, ids, medical cards... but no money. I don't (often) put money in my wallet anymore. That goes in my front pocket.

If the crime scene investigator opens my wallet, he's in for a suprise. I'll be lying in a pool of my life's debris and snickering when he says, "Wallet's empty. Musta been a robbery." :P