Monday, May 15, 2006

Immigration Takes Center Stage

Bottom line:

After 9/11, we still haven't closed our borders and made things very difficult for illegal immigrants, hijackers and thugs to cross our borders. Just like the TSA and airport security checkpoints, border crossings are there only to annoy the lives of average law abiding citizens.

It IS a matter of national security and in that regard, get the National Guard out there to recon and spot border crossers. Then notify the proper authorities (airlifted border patrol backed up with SUV convoys) to round 'em up and send them back.

If necessary, start training the National Guard in enforcement duties (aka Military Police) to be able to assist in detaining foreigners trying to sneak into the country. And while we're at it, get the Coast Guard suitably equipped to handle the potential shift of immigrant migration via the oceans. Heck, if the Coast Guard can arrest & fine people, why can't the National Guard? Or am I off base there?

Just like when you enter an amusement park or a shopping store, they close their doors at the end of the day. Then they shoo everyone out. Put another way - America's illegal immigration spigot is wide open. Turn it off first. We can, need to and must sort out the rest later.