Saturday, May 13, 2006

Google Maps Misleading

I really dig Google's map application on the web but it's misleading at times. Take the suburb of Vinings, GA for instance. I-285, or more commonly known to Atlanta residents as "the Perimeter", appears nowhere on the map.

Instead, it shows GA state road 407, also named the James E. Billy McKinney Highway, a former Georgia State Representative. Yes, this is the father of one Cynthia McKinney.

Problem is, no one except the McKinney family calls this major thorofare by any other name except I-285 or the Perimeter.

Lesson? Don't completely rely on web based map programs for your directions. Especially from a company who is more than willing to kow-tow to the likes of Chinese political interests and such. Surely they'd be likely to curry favor by using the least known moniker for a US interstate?