Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Angels Over Atlanta

Took my wee ones to the airshow at Naval Air Station Atlanta over the weekend.

Got there 'early' and spent a halfhour+ in traffic outside the gates to Lockheed. Then spent another hour and a half, transiting the line to the buses, the security checkpoint and the bus trip to the tarmac. Really wish they could tighten that part up, but all in all, it was acceptable.

Got to the show a little late as a result. Would have loved for my kids to have seen the quieter prop events that kicked off the festivities but we were just in time to see an F-15 rock our world. It was very cool, but overwhelmed 5yr old Bubba.

We'd been watching the inbound air traffic to NAS Atlanta all week from our abode here. We've even been able to catch the Blue Angels practicing as the circled overhead or ran through their higher altitude maneuvers.

Didn't stick around long after the Sabre, F16 and F15 flyovers. We had a sporting event to get to afterall. The airshow was just the beginning of a very busy day for us. Did our part for the economy and made a donation or two while we were there.

Got up and close with an F-22 Raptor too. My neighbor helped build it. Swear I've seen one overhead recenlty in desert camo. Wonder if they're getting any practice in the middle east?