Saturday, March 25, 2006

MMMmmm.... P i e. fRIEd Pie.

Just saw this TV article while playing in bed this chilly Saturday morning. Another case where we need to get the blasted government out of our lives.

A local woman, Mrs. Willie Watts has been raising money for her husband's medicine by selling fried pies. She's been cooking them in her home.

Unfortunately, some wretch from Cartersville,Ga "complained about their home-made pie business to the Georgia Department of Agriculture after he saw a news story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about them. Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin says he had no choice under the law -- he shut them down." (Personally, I hope he gets his just desserts. Too bad we weren't given his name. I'd like to make sure I never sent my business his way.)

The good news? The State Agriculture Commissioner will ask the Ga. Legislature to "legalize the sale of foods made in home kitchens like the Watts’ kitchen."

But why should this be necessary? I've got friends who run a 'casserole' business out of their kitchen. The mainly sell to church members, and let me tell you, during our ordeal with my wife's vision, we've received and consumed quite a few of these homemade, pre-made casseroles from our concerned Sunday School members.

What about school bake sales for schools and church functions? I see these all the time.

But, food safety is important. But if it's that important, the State Agricultural Commission is going to need to hire an awful lot more staff to inspect every lemonade stand and entrepreneurial kitchen in the state.

In the meantime, I'm sure this lady would love donations for her cause. And if she gives them a pie in thanks, what's wrong with that? :P

Awfully cool that one of her biggest customers, Johnny's Barbeque has offered to let her cook her pies in their kitchen. I don't know what her home situation is like, but she could make them in the restaurant for the time being. May have to check this restaurant place out. Smart move on his part.