Friday, March 24, 2006

Driving and Compulsive Compassion Don't Mix

Cruising the streets today with my half blind (okay 10% blind) wife looking for mischief. Earlier I'd passed a hot lookin' silver Ferarri driving through residential Buckhead. As I approached the strip of retail shops marking the approach of the asphalt ribbon of life, I notice the Ferarri pulling out of the Charbuck's on the left and into the suicide lane heading in my direction.

The Chrysler Magnum station wagon in front of me slows, I assume to avoid collision with the hoity toity engine wrapped in aluminum foil. The Ferarri had stopped, caty-corner in the midst of the suicide lane instead of pulling completely into it and parallel to traffic. At the last second, the Magnum decides to come to a complete stop and let the mid-life crisis into traffic - backing up everyone behind the Magnum as I screech to a anti-lock brake assisted stop.

I let 'em both know what I thought of them via my monotone epithet translation tool aka the horn.

What is it with folks? I know part of it is they only see the world in front. And in their efforts to be considerate, go out of their way to let people in front of them into traffic (not like the Ferarri lacked the power to merge). Meanwhile, they cause mayhem behind them due to their erratic behavior.

I feel these people are just as bad as those idiots who have to be first onto the exit ramp and squeeze their car between two drivers who now have to change their pants when they could have decelerated and taken the 50 yards of space behind me.

Just take a little time to glance in your rear view mirror before letting someone in. If their is space behind you, let them take it - or if you must make an extreme case of your generosity stop and let them in front of you. But for Pete's sake! If there is traffic on your tail, keep the traffic moving! Let the driver find an appropriate opportunity, one of their choosing, to join the viscous flow of traffic.