Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oh, you're going straight to hell for that one.

Thank you Gomer Pyle.

I'm amazed at the number of breakins/burglaries at my church in Atlanta. Yesterday there were two cars broken into on the lot. We've had numerous items stolen from inside the church. Items easily pawned like TVs, musical gear, etc.

And as is usual, some of the 'heists' involved an insider.

The church has many entrances, many not visible from the road. The church has expanded over the years and one of the things not planned for was a need for security. This oversight is understandable in light of the more important things, but I really hate the fact that my pledge money, turned into resources for charities and for the church, is being pilferred. For a family living paycheck to paycheck, I'm concerned.

Just shocked. Of course, I'm one of those people who don't litter either.

Maybe I need to volunteer to patrol the lot with a bible and a slingshot.