Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's Bucky Day

Lil' Bubba was with us at a friend's house for dinner one night recently and he'd discovered the mamma's Barbie dolls. Like any male offspring off mine, he started passionately disrobing the young woman so that he could better play with her. He then proceeded to carry her round the house and right into the middle of our dinner conversation.

"Why won't you go put clothes on Barbie?"

"Because she's having 'Bucky Day' at school." sayeth my boy.

[Theme music from Beverly Hillbillies "Oil, black gold, texas tea"]Bucky. Buck-naked. Nooooo clothes.[/End theme music]

Now, we've had Pajama Day, Hat Day, Backwards Day, Sports Day and the like at school. But I've yet to see Bucky Day on the calendar. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on his part?