Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Forty two GT Students Volunteer in N.O.

Georgia Tech students gathered in the student services building on campus to tell of their experience volunteering to clean up the Chocolate City. The young adults wanted to help out some way or just wanted to do something different when they volunteered for the post-Katrina cleanup.

42 students were accepted and 40 were on the waiting list when they departed for New Orleans to join 1200 other students from around the nation. A volunteer agency was responsible for gathering the student volunteers and organizing them into work teams to gut houses. Donning face masks to fight the mold & stench, the students had "some fun with sledgehammers" as they dismantled the house to its skeleton.

"When you lift it up, water seeps out the edges so the smell goes everywhere. Even if you've duct-taped it shut, it'll clear out an entire street," said Thomas Christian.

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