Thursday, February 02, 2006

Frozen Carnivorous Shrinkage

My mainly meat diet is paying off. Staying away from sugar and starches has reduced my pants size another two inches. I'm cinching my belt further to keep my 'old', skinny pants on.

Not to mention that we acquired a working freezer from a neighbor's junk pile. A little rust never hurt anyone, right? Plugged it in next to my run down jalopy in the carport. It's chugging away, keeping my $300 worth of meat from spoiling. (Queue the annual ice storms that knock out the power grid and cause spoilage) Having the extra space is a God send! I can better plan my meals, and be more flexible when offering (I do most of the food burning around here) dinner for my clan.

Maybe I'll diminish my horizontal stature even further considering that footy season is right around the corner.