Monday, January 29, 2007

Suicide Lane Salvation

Have had odd bits of traffic disagreements with my fellow drivers as of late. Everything from more roadway compulsive compassion to people ignoring the lane arrows.

Oddly enough i've seen more issues lately with people not understanding the purpose of the shared/two-way lane in the middle of a road, aka the 'suicide lane'.

This is *not* a lane to drive a hundred plus yards down to the daycare center just because you don't feel like merging. I've also seen more folks afraid to use it as a deceleration/turn lane, and instead choose to clog up the regular traffic lanes.

But what really has my thong in a wad is the people crossing two lanes of traffic who pull halfway out into traffic and stop, waiting for their moment and not entering the suicide lane so that they can merge. The suicide lane is you place of salvation. You use it to get out of the way of one traffic flow and then wait for an opening to merge in the direction you are headed.

Just. Don't. Get it.