Monday, January 29, 2007

Outlaw Spanking? California NEEDS a whuppin'.

As far as this parent is concerned, if you spank your kids you deserve a medal.

Now of course i'm not referring to abuse. But there are times where the only things your now snotty nosed brat will understand is a spanking. And of course many people think any form of physical discipline is abuse.

But what's really lacking is any serious and regular form of discipline by many parents. This surprises me even at church where my peers let their kids run circles around the octaganerians carrying lunch trays without any supervision. Not to mention the kids aren't exhibiting any courtesy or manners.

Apparently parents today aren't concerned about disciplining their kids. Nor how the actions of their offspring reflect upon the parents. While mom and dad are socializing or eating their lunch, the kids roam in packs. Church is a safe place after all, and you'll keep anything bad from happening to my kids won't you?

Meanwhile the kids are off tearing things, breaking things, running slalom through pedestrian traffic, and more. Just an elder's broken hip waiting to happen. Just the other day I had to restrain myself from clobbering a kid.

I had just left the buffet line when I was surrounded by a feral pack of ankle biters untethered. The Lilliputian terrors were playing games and running free in the common area where families share a meals together. Apparently they were sharing their cute children but I was having none of it. One of them blindly careened out of control toward me and my full platter of chow. A froze and braced myself for the impact, even dodged a little to lessen the impact, but wanting to just thrust my knee ever so slightly into the child who has no clue what world of hurt would crash upon them if Gulliver here hadn't been paying any attention. Why?

Because next time, some half-blind, bone brittle elder won't be prepared. The collision will likely cause one of not both of them some bumps and bruises at the least. Maybe a little tough love would make the kid see the light. After all, surely their parents have told them not to run rampant in the dining hall and why, right? At the very least they've explained that it's not nice, right?

I can only imagine that they need more of this sort of thing in California where everyone is coddled from cradle to grave.