Saturday, November 25, 2006

Football Officials Pansies After Video Replay Debut

Have been very dissappointed in both collge and professional football officials this season.

Instead of officiating and letting the guy upstairs review the calls, they now swallow their whistles and refuse to officiate. Now, they let any play continue until some one scores or runs out of bounds and then hope for the guy upstairs to set everything right or force the coach to throw his red thong-flag onto the field in protest.

Got NOthing wrong w/ video replay. But the way officials have adapted to it makes me sick.

Case in point. Today's edition of Clean-Old-Fashioned-Hate, Georgia Tech vs. University of Georgia, had a play where the GT QB fumbles. Clearly a fumble. But then a 10 player dogpile forms. Somewhere in there, someone had possession and they were all down. BLOW the whistle and sort out possession.

But no. Today's world in football sees the officials stand there and wait. No whistle. The play is still 'live'. Some guy after 5+ seconds reaches in and pulls the ball out of the pile and runs for a touchdown.


This series has seen some questionable calls over the years. The traditon continues it seems.