Saturday, January 20, 2007

Vick Losing Benefit of the Doubt

Atlanta's National Football League franchise, the Falcons, has been struggling with the Michael Vick enigma for years now. Many fans are outspoken in their disdain for Vick and his fire from the hip style of decision making on the field. Apparently, this kind of thinking extends off the field too.

Until now, I had been a pretty staunch defender of his. I was even looking forward to seeing him with a new coach to see if that might be what we needed.

But this week's transgression in the Miami airport pretty much takes the cake. He's arguably the most recognizable face in the NFL today. All he has to do is keep his nose clean, or at least be smart about how he goes about his off field activities and he'd have people lining up for his endorsements. As it stands now, even if he won the superbowl, how many people would want to pay top dollar for him to endorse their products/services?

The really intriguing thing that few have asked about? He was hoping on a flight from Miami to Atlanta to meet the new coach in Atlanta. Was he going to his first face-to-face with the newcoach stoned? Now he *may* face a 4 week suspension next season if he had already tested positive and or was on secret probation with the NFL. That won't do any looming QB controversies any good.

Never have been real impressed with Vick's on field decision making. This obviously may be a lot more than an on the field problem. Here's to hoping he wises up and has a banner year this season. Though i wouldn't bet on it. :/