Tuesday, November 14, 2006

School These Days. Well, Back Then...

The Mrs. had a teacher who wouldn't let you chew gum. Students who arrived to lecture would have to exchange their gum in a jar already quite full of gum with another piece.

I had a PE teacher that wouldn't let you spit. If you did, he'd make you pick it up and put it back.

Had a HS coach who wouldn't let us drink water at practice. We had chipped ice instead. A buddy of mine had a football coach that would only let you get a mouthful of water, so players would scoop water up with their helmets and then consume the fould swill away from the 'spigot'.

And in college, the Mrs. had a professor who wouldn't allow coffee in lecture. Thought it was disrespectful. Of course, so is falling asleep in class right? Choose your poison, right?