Friday, September 08, 2006

I Must be Teething

Got a fever, the aches and the watery output.

Wife reminded me that our friend John Michael is having the same problem.

That brought up a discussion with our doctor years ago about our baby's condition at the time. They were treating our child for a fever, diarhea and general ill temper.

We asked if the teething might be the cause for the diarhea.

We were told bluntly, no. Not possible.

To this day, this statement has wrong hollow in our family.

Especially when my matriarch, the nurse, put it this way. Kids sallivate prousely when teething. If it doesn't escape via drooling, and it won't all escape, it's got to go somewhere.

That's a lot of moisture, excess wet above and beyond normal, for the immature digestive system to handle.

So, whenever our kids were afflicted thus, we'd just keep an eye on them for weight loss and such, otherwise we eschewed formerly frequent visits to the pediatrician.